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New collection from Bridal Collective

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Bridal Collective

Bridal Collective is pleased to present PEN LIV, a new collection for brides looking for modern couture with a youthful, exciting and sexy feel.

As with all of the group’s collections, there will be a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, pattern making and affordability. Named after the two daughters of Mary Nguyen, founder and CEO of Bridal Collective, the PEN LIV collection will be a legacy of love and care.

We hope that with PEN LIV, there will be a wedding dress for every bride in the Bridal Collective line-up.

The PEN LIV design team is led by award-winning master designer and artistic director Kang Chun “KC” Lin, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, who brings cutting-edge inspiration to a timeless design aesthetic.  KC with over 20 years of experience in the design field, leads a team of designers who continually strive to improve on their previous achievements and enhance their work.

The customer profile they have in mind is a bold and confident customer. Sensual and sophisticated. The PEN LIV bride easily catches the eye at every turn, simply by showing her “own self” without modesty. With an extreme genuine sweetness the PEN LIV bride stands out effortlessly. She is an example of timeless elegance and grace loaded with appeal, modernity and sensuality.  PEN LIV brides appreciate the beauty of traditional design elements, yet know that living and dressing for today means embracing the new and the bold. The PEN LIV bride is a unique woman who lives in the moment and will always be remembered.

PEN LIV presents new sweet, sexy, sophisticated and fresh bridal designs, with figure-flattering silhouettes and exquisite details. 



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