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Surprise at every event with a spectacular look is not an easy task, so we present the new collection of evening dresses Pollardi. Elegant and sophisticated dresses that will make you feel like a real queen.

Pollardi is a Ukrainian factory, which is engaged in the production of wedding and evening dresses, dresses for girls, veils, boleros and bedroom clothes. These products are the most demanded from all over the world.

They have the possibility of production of exclusive lace for wedding dresses on the territory of their city. In addition, they cooperate with factories in China, Taiwan and Italy. They also produce exclusive fabrics and laces, which are eventually used for designs of their amazing dresses. The production of each dress is severely controlled by their company, that’s why all stages of work can be traced in real time mode. They pay special attention to the control of incoming materials and severe control over the packing of orders.

As we have seen they are a very detailed and meticulous company.

We are pleased to present you the new collection of evening dresses that has dazzled us. The concept of the evening gown first appeared in Great Britain during the 19th century at the time of Queen Victoria’s rule. At that time evening dresses were worn to gala parties, to the theater and other solemn events. In the ХХ century evening dresses became more desirable elements in every woman’s wardrobe.

 We believe that it is the dresses of this collection are perfect for attending any kind of event, whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, a social event…. 

The advantageous evening dress underlines the benefits of the figure and helps to discover the beauty and elegance of the woman. Pollardi Fashion Group proposes a large number of elegant evening dresses, so that every woman could feel splendidly.


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