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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent celebrates 20 editions exploring and offering visibility to the emerging art of Spanish fashion.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent celebrates 20 editions exploring and offering visibility to the emerging art of Spanish fashion. Invented to recognize creativity and support future designers, throughout its history, the award has determined the careers of many of its winners, being the first step of their immersion in the industry and opening opportunities for their first international fashion shows. 20 editions of young people who at some point decided to bet on their passion and now draw the present and the future of Spanish fashion.


Claro offers us a collection of 32 extra couture pieces based on fabrics such as organza, feathers, satin crepes, beading and printed lycra…

The firm opts for overlapping pieces mixing fabrics and feminine silhouettes very free, where we find a mix of different textures, techniques, and intense looks. The essential colors are black, white, and metallic, although it does not leave aside the lighter colors like light blue,

As you can see Claro also opts for a bridal inspiration for a future bride. It makes a nod to women who want to get married with an extravagant and different look by providing a lot of volume and abundance.

With almost 40 years of experience, the firm has developed with prestige and brilliance, with representative tailored suits and dressing women like influencers celebrities, actresses and singers in their most special and unique moments.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


Isabel Sanchis, carries out classic techniques with a modern sensibility, creating very feminine pieces for a contemporary woman, giving special relevance to the fabrics to create her characteristic volumes, present in many of her designs.

The next collection for summer 2023 is a very intimate collection as it is based on their representative elements, flowers and volume, their history.

They have reinterpreted flowers in many ways, but their intention has always been to be able to convey feeling with them and make elegant pieces while maintaining the core values of our country’s textile industry. The collection is diverse, it represents the diversity in the society we live in with pieces that start from laser cut neoprene, through lighter pieces of organza or chiffon and ending with sewing garments with volumes made with recycled liquid satin and feathers.

The colors used are powerful colors typical of nature, where red, pink and green predominate, giving strength to the pieces of this collection for a woman of 2023.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


With more than 25 years of experience, Juan Carlos Mesa has contributed to the visibility and development of Spanish fashion.

The figure of Heliogabalus, Roman emperor of the third century AD, inspires his new collection. Emperor reviled and vilified by historians, is known as the first trans person in history after expressing his desire to surgically change sex and dress in female attire. Femininity, desire, and power as central elements around which all the garments revolve, a story about female power regardless of age, race, origin, gender identity, desire orientation or size.

Luminous colors ranging from white to yellow, from sky blue to gold, powdered greens, and shaded pinks versus their more intense versions. Smooth, textile textures, innovative materials such as lasers merge with the most traditional embroidery techniques such as smocking stitch, handmade by craftswomen from the company Belán, located in Zaragoza.

Classic materials versus more contemporary and innovative ones, cotton voile, organdies, satins, mikados, silk muslins and creps versus metal fabrics, shiny and lurex finishes in jaquard or knit, metallic or translucent sequins and others that create military camouflage embroidery. Fabrics that reflect light with their shine, with lurex, with satin ligaments, fringed fabrics that provide shine and movement as if they were rays, even fabrics that change their color after continuous exposure to sunlight, or that allow it to pass through them in translucent effects on polyurethanes, organdies, muslins, and tulles.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


Pedro del Hierro presents its new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, a collection that has left us very impressed. The Captain Ward collection takes us to a desert island, turning us into castaways and giving us the most precious of treasures, which not even the bravest of captains is able to find: time. The garments in the collection are the creation of this castaway, who enjoys some time alone sewing, crocheting and embroidering.

We can find unstructured and fluid garments and, of course each of them has the personalization, used by the castaway to give life to each garment with the materials provided by the island and the underwater world: pearls, stones, shells and beads. A collection that makes us be closer to the ocean and connect with it.

Pedro del Hierro has opted for a casual yet sophisticated style.

In addition, he has presented his men’s collection where we find overshirts, field jackets, vests, spring coats and pleated pants.

The women’s collection is groundbreaking, risky and very feminine. Within this collection we can see different accessories, but the one that has caught our attention is a handbag decorated with raffia bangs and other ornaments, ideal for your most elegant events.

The colors are also reflected in the theme of the collection, colors that we could find on a desert island.

On the other hand, in the night garments, black, white and gold stand out.

Pedro del Hierro has made us fall in love with the white silk dress, a very simple design with asymmetrical sleeves and a flowing skirt, a great inspiration for simple and elegant brides.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


Jorge Redondo (Cáceres,1993), creative director of Redondo Brand, began working in the fashion industry in 2008 writing fashion articles in the press and doing styling work. It is in 2019 when he launches Redondo Brand, a fashion brand that combines a prêt à porter collection with a bespoke sewing service, both made in Spain. The identity of his work is the creation of quality pieces with a marked tinge of originality and distinction.

Redondo Brand surprises us with a collection combining fabrics that until now had not been worked as delicate lace or Chantilly. In this edition they have been inspired by Sophia Loren, a world-famous character that conveys absolutely everything today that meets the ideology of Redondo Brand. This brand wants to convey that the beauty of a woman goes beyond a dress is spectacular, to satisfy the customer transmitting security.

They have opted for red and pink in this collection and Klein blue.

Redondo Brand has surprised us with its white designs, inspired by brides. Designs very different from each other, each one gives off its own essence. It enlightens us with long and short dresses, with sequins and lace for the most sophisticated and daring brides.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


The Catalan designer, who founded her eponymous firm more than 25 years ago, has presented at Fashion Week Madrid a Spring/Summer 2023 collection that has dubbed Helbig Music Fest.

Teresa amazes us with a collection that does not go unnoticed, extravagant, festive, dreamy, and sophisticated, inspired by the great figures and icons of the history of music, as the unforgettable Janis Joplin or Florence Welch inspire some of the designs, as the two wedding dresses that are part of the collection. It pays tribute to the great music festivals of all time, historic events that, over the decades, have become a meeting place for music lovers from all over the world, and where both emerging and established artists share the love for their craft and celebrate the magic of the fourth art.

This collection features materials such as leather, cotton lace, silk chiffon and glitter. Camel browns and off-white tones stand out, to poppy reds, deep blacks and gold tones.

Helbig has conquered us with the white dress inspired by the most sophisticated brides, with a very subtle transparency, which makes it a very simple but at the same time very elegant dress.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


The couturier returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and leaves through the front door: with the award for best collection.

Ulises Mérida has been a designer with his own brand since 2012, when he held his first fashion show at the Madrid Fashion Show and for which he received the Seagram’s Award for the best collection of that edition.

This collection is inspired by the freedom and recreation of school. The designer imagines a spring-summer 2023 collection full of bright colors. Citrus yellow in its most intense and luminous version, along with orange, raspberry or green build a rich and cheerful color scheme, with matte and metallic finishes.

In this collection the loose and fluid silhouettes stand out, which we can see in several garments of the collection.

Another of his successes are the two versions of the same piece: jackets, dresses and trench coats proposed in denim and party fabric, the same pattern with two different finishes.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


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