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Félix Ramiro in MBFW

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The designer Felix Ramiro triumphs with his rainbow collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. Collection inspired by diversity, color, joy, and life.

Félix Ramiro, one of the main references of men’s fashion at national level, is undoubtedly the alma mater and essence of the firm. After more than twenty years of solid career, he is considered one of the giants of Spanish fashion. However, his steps start from a humble and passionate beginning, always linked to the world of design and fashion. In the 1980s, Félix Ramiro began to discover his true vocation as a tailor in the small tailoring workshop that his uncle Dionisio Rodríguez had opened two decades earlier.

Today, the firm has four of its own establishments, two franchises and a factory-workshop, where almost 11,000 garments are made every year.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid

He presented his rainbow collection in a carefully designed fashion show that took place at the Sergio Ramos by John Reed gym in Moncloa. The explosion of color and design have gained strength in a very original scenario that mixed weight machines with design, haute couture, and men’s fashion. Bold, innovative and successful.

His new collection is inspired by diversity, color, life, joy, freedom, and the fact that each person can go as they please without renouncing their identity.

The collection, which contained a dozen designs entirely handmade, was characterized using natural fabrics, linens, cool wools, Austrian cotton, organic and many sustainable fabrics. As for the color palette, green, navy blue, multiple grays, yellow, fluorine and white have predominated.

This collection has vindicated the pinstripe: “wider than usual and also less wide than usual and we have also played with an exclusive design of the line and the stripe,” concludes Félix Ramiro.


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