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Philip and Elizabeth’s enduring love story


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Philip and Elizabeth II starred, for 73 years, in what was one of the most enduring marriages in British royalty and in world history.

The romance had its ups and downs, but the two maintained their relationship based on the strong companionship and mutual support that characterized them. We know that it is impossible to remain indifferent to a love story as unique as this one and, for that very reason, we tell you the whole trajectory of this charming couple!

How it all began: the first date

Although they met for the first time in 1934, at the wedding of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, it was in 1939 when the real meeting took place. In fact, according to the Queen, it was at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, where the first contact between the two took place, even before the Second World War. It was then that Princess Elizabeth, 13, fell in love with Philip, 18. By then a cadet and in military training, the prince would have overseen taking care of the king’s two daughters. Shortly after the meeting, the youngsters (second and third cousins) began exchanging letters and in 1946, Philip ended up asking King George VI for Elizabeth’s hand. A year later, the “fairy tale” became even more real and they announced their engagement to the world.

The wedding of Philip and Elizabeth

The wedding of the future queen and lieutenant of the British Royal Navy took place just four months after the announcement. It was on November 20, 1947 that the couple married at Westminster Abbey, thus uniting two lines descended from Queen Victoria. The celebration was attended by 2,000 people and was broadcast around the world.

What many people don’t know is that Philip had to make some sacrifices in order to go through with the marriage. He then abdicated all his Greek and Danish crown titles, converted to Anglicanism, became a British citizen, as his German origin did not please the royal family and had to adopt the nickname Mountbatten, a name inherited by the British royal family. relatives.

Crowning of Isabel

After the death of George VI in 1952, Elizabeth was announced as successor to the throne at the age of 25 and, in June 1953, she was finally crowned Queen of the United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II. The coronation was further proof of the love of Philip, who also had to abandon his military career to accompany his wife on royal duties. During the ceremony, the Duke of Edinburgh knelt and swore to be “vassal of the Queen’s life and integrity and earthly adoration”.

The family of Philip and Elizabeth II

The couple’s love bore fruit and soon after their marriage, in 1948, they had the first of four children: Charles, who became heir to the throne. The family continued to grow, and Philip and Elizabeth had three more children: Anne, Andrew and Edward. They currently have eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Elizabeth II and Philip with their four children the couple were always reserved and reserved in their compliments, but the affection and mutual respect was always very clear! It is common knowledge that her husband’s support was crucial to the success of Elizabeth’s reign – constant companionship and unconditional togetherness were two of the pillars that helped build a strong and lasting relationship! The marriage that lasted 73 years and ended with Philip’s death in 2021.


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