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Moisturize your skin in winter


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Now that summer is over and autumn and winter are just around the corner, we need to moisturize our skin more. How to prevent dry skin in autumn?

Read this article and discover Valmont’s amazing products.

The different seasons of the year affect our skin differently, so we must know which products are the most suitable for us in each of them. With the change of season, especially in autumn and winter, the skin reduces sebum secretions and perspiration. This affects the level of hydration, pronouncing that our skin has a dry appearance, which affects the natural protective barrier of the skin against external agents and causes itching and irritation.

From NP Magazine we believe that taking care of your skin and having a perfect facial routine is essential for our face, that’s why we want to introduce you the Hydra3Regenetic products from Valmont. This range includes a moisturizing, tightening and anti-aging serum and an anti-aging moisturizer.

Each woman has different hydration needs and to adapt to all of them, Valmont offers this treatment to activate hydration. This new formula, based on the skin’s own DNA, is enriched with hyaluronic acid to correct the causes of dehydration of the dermis and improve the anti-aging effect caused by solar radiation.


Indicated for skins with high levels of dehydration. Eliminates the driest skins while providing a tightening effect to anti-aging skins.


– Apply 4 doses of serum to the face and neck. For a better penetration of the product it is recommended to apply it with a light massage.

Price: 233€/ 30ml


This cream is for skin with signs of severe dehydration. It provides the skin with a large water reserve. The result is a visibly more hydrated and smoother face.


– Recommended for use after the serum. Apply a small dab of cream and massage it gently over the face and neck.

Price: 268€/ 50ml


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