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A dream come true

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As one of the world’s leading brands of designer wedding dresses and evening wear, Morilee has been making your dreams come to life with the help of its amazing designer Madeline Gardner and her striking artistic visions.

Morilee was founded in 1953 in New York City. Started in 1953 as a family business to fulfill the dreams of brides. And from a small family brand, they became a leading brand in their sector thanks to their effort and dedication. They started out making dresses for select shops in New York City. Now, their dresses are sold in 3,000 shops worldwide.

Not only do they have wedding dresses they have elegant and sophisticated dresses for all ages and all occasions for mothers, for you and for your daughter.

Their mission is to create beautiful and elegant dresses for all types of women and for all bodies. Their dresses highlight your natural beauty with a perfect fit designed just for you. At Morilee they make your dreams come true. This brand is inspired by the powerful women who wear their dresses.

‘’We speak the language of style, with the comfort and ease of an amazing fit’’ say Madeline Garden the designer of the brand.

As said by our internationally renowned bridal designer, Madeline Gardner, their dresses are truly magical.  Her amazing designs have been making millions of bride’s dreams come true all around the world. For more than 25 years, Madeline Gardner’s sensational wedding dress and evening gowns have been the guiding force behind Morilee’s remarkable success.

Madeline loves every second of the work she does to make women of all ages feel beautiful on their special day, and she cherishes the constant flow of notes and photos she receives from blushing new brides gushing with gratitude. Characteristic of her dresses is the generous use of rich fabrics, the meticulously detailed beadwork, the innovative partnering of traditional styling with more fashion forward influences. She is known for her obsession with perfect fit, believing that how a dress makes you feel is as important as how it makes you look.


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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