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NP Magazine 43 - Digital and paper version


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Valerio Luna brings out a new collection, inspired by nature, specifically in the orange blossom, a collection full of strength, personality, and elegance. It is aimed at today’s woman, who appreciates traditional couture with touches of innovation.

Each year offers a new collection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and party. Designs that bring a fresh and renewed air to the collections of Higar Novias Group, which has its origins in 1980, in the town of Cordoba. Recognized for its high quality products and its commitment to the article designed and manufactured in Spain.

The customization of each design according to the taste of each bride is a hallmark of its brand. As well as the quality of the designs and their manufacture, which is made entirely in Spain.

They have classic and elegant models, but with very modern touches. In each collection the Spanish brand Valerio Luna offers dozens of models that denote sophistication and know how to combine the demanded minimalist lines with elaborate details in tulle or lace. Ethereal and very modern models for brides of all styles.

This collection makes a journey through different corners that make up a garden, its essence, the murmur of the fountains and the scent of orange blossom.

The bride also pays tribute to the orange blossom flower and its enveloping scent that we can appreciate in the wonderful crepe dresses, so traditional of our collections. A suggestive bride, where applications and embroidery inlays illuminate the lace, mikado and tulle fabrics. The asymmetries set the tone of these dresses, adorned on the shoulders or waist, and sometimes with overlapping patterns, with transparencies embellished with floral embroidery, which make a romantic collection of great beauty, for a bride with her own personality.

Flowers, one of the symbols of the house, are the starting point of the party proposals. We bet on metallic textures adorned with embroidery and jacquard prints on organza and pique fabrics. Floral motifs also predominate in skirts, highlighting their fluidity and generous volumes that cause movement when walking, between cooler and neutral shades such as turquoise green, royal blue or orange blossom white; to a much more romantic and feminine palette, with warmer tones such as pinks and powdered yellows.


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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