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Suits for especial events

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We know that choosing a suit for your wedding day is not an easy task. Find the perfect groom suit at Protocolo Novios, they offer a wide variety of groom suits made with top quality fabrics.

Protocolo is a company that has been making suits for grooms for more than two decades and in this case allows it to quickly detect the needs of each client.

The opening of the first store was in 1991 by Mariano García Forcada, was the first brand dedicated to this sector, opened in Zaragoza. They have 24 stores in Spain and finally brought their own exclusive design collection to the Mexican and Bolivian markets. The new location of Protocolo is part of a plan to consolidate the brand in Mexico with the prestigious department store El Palacio del Hierro, where the company has its store. And continues its expansion continuing its international growth strategy.

After 25 years of experience, it is the leading company in the sector of party and ceremonies for men. They specialize in suits for grooms, groomsmen and witnesses which are unique to provide the necessary exclusivity on a special occasion.

In addition, they have tailoring and offer you the opportunity to design and manufacture the pieces of clothing you want tailored and personalized for your most special event.

The designs stand out for the combinations created between vests and ties which bring style and elegance to the suit. We can’t forget an essential part of the look, the accessories. The accessories are very important to give life to your look and differentiate it from others, in Protocol have shoes, cufflinks, ties and vests.

Whenever we think of a wedding, we focus on details that concern the bride in a very high percentage, but what about the groom? His styling must also be impeccable for such an important day. That’s why we present this brand of haute couture suits and accessories so that the groom also stands out on his most special day.

With Protocol each groom receives a unique and personalized treatment. They have a team of professionals in protocol and tailoring. If you wish to request their services you should preferably make an appointment in advance to offer advice without waiting.


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