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Let yourself be surprised with the exclusive and luxurious dresses of La Premiere brand. Haute couture dresses at affordable prices, handmade with the best fabrics in the world.

La Premiere is a romantic and luxurious bridal brand, created in 2021. Whose goal is to offer unique couture wedding dresses to brides all over the world. Premiere believes that every girl’s dream wedding should come true with a wedding dress that presents her personality. It has received unanimous acclaim and has been loved by brides all over the world.

They have a wide range of dresses, all dresses are handmade with some of the best fabrics in the world, offering brides couture dresses at affordable prices.

They work with a lot of designers, such as LP Team, J’Aton Couture, Inbal Dror, Idan Chen, Dimitrius Dalia, Birenzweig and Maria Pia. On their website you can see all their collections.

They have several physical stores where you can find their exclusive dresses, you can find them in New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Los Angeles, Beijing, Seoul, Hongkong, Rome, Chicago, Melbourne, Singapore, Canton, Mexico, Greece, Milan, Dubai, Saudi, Berlin, Toronto, Kuwait, Istanbul, and Netherlands.

The most special day of your life you should wear a dress that makes you shine and be the center of attention, so we recommend you check at La Premiere dresses, they design dresses for all body types so that all brides feel glamorous, unique and with a luxurious style.  Their dresses project the true charm of a bride both inside and out. 


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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