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Peter Langner 2023 Bridal Collection Social


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Peter Langner is a extraordinary and unique designer, extremly well known thanks to all his fashion wedding pieces.

We had the opportunity to discuss with Peter Langner some questions, that many people may want to know, as well.

According to Peter, the bridal sector has been affected by the pandemic, in fact Peter affirmed they have lived a unique experience which we all never have imagined possible. The industry, in particular, is everything about brigning people together, and during the pandemic seeing them all apart wasn’t easy. 

The past situation has for sure changed the brand approach to brides and clients, especially in the way to connect with them, it has been more virtual than face-to-face. What hasn’t changed is the desire to create beautiful gowns for Peter’s brides and make them happy finding their dream dress. Since now, they can finally breathe beauty and love. For Peter’s team and for all their brides.

The pandemic brought a lot of issues for the bridal sector, in fact, virtual experience is not always the best option. Sometimes it get diffifuclt to understand every detail about the brand. Powefully, nowadays we can all feel every detai of a dress.

As peter describes, “We like to see our designs ‘outside’ the lines and rules of fashion. We want to make timeless looksbut at the same time contemporary, which go beyond a season or trend. Each of our collections comes from a textile research, a new fabric processing, the study of new shapes directly on the mannequin dress form. The collection comes to life as we create it, step by step, each gown at a time. 
All these 30 years of experience, makes Peter feel very special and grantful for had the opportunity to build the perfect wedding dress for so many women, as he said “is pretty amazing and I would not change a day of it.”

We also had the opportunity to asked Peter what is the story behind the new collection of Spring/Summer 2023.

He responded: “All different forms of art has inspired mefor the creaton of 2023 SS Collection: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, movies and nature are just a few of them, which are constantly in my mind. We try to work around them, with them and use them. Another thing that is a great inspiration for me is fabric: we use many different fabrics in every collection. We do a lot of research and have different people creating our own so that they are exclusive to us. I have to say, the fabric is the first step of the creation of a Peter Langner gown: the more I get into a texture, print or color that gives me a particular feeling, the more I create wonderful gowns. 

The brand appears in more than twenty international countries. From 2018, it has always been a reference for all of the team, and the Barcelona Bridal Week represents one of the most important markets during the year. Peter’s clients have always appreciated his approach to bridal fashion: the constant research on new exclusive materials and fabric processing, and this is a continuous challenge for him to never relinquish the goal of perfection and reaching the highest quality. 

To keep the brand unique, Peter uses a lot of details as a delicate fabrics and cuts in this new collection. In fact, 
Most of Peter’s fabrics are Italian, even though he is always looking for something different and new. as. A fabric is very important to give the gown the right shape. He mostly used plain and elegant fabrics, like mikado, faille and organza, which are in pure silk. The brand have also added many differennt kind of lace, like: guipure, alonson lace, cotton lace and chantilly lace.
Architectural and dramatic shapes, together with precious fabrics, create luxurious and sumptuous looks, enriched with fascinating drapings, detachable skirts, ruffles and belts. More fluid lines and silhouettes, given by light and contemporary fabrics, give life to young and fresh styles, creating a harmonious contrast with the others.


Check the video, to find out Peter Langner new collection “2023 Bridal Collection Social”



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