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5 Wedding Dress trends for 2023 from the BBFW

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Do you want to know how the wedding dress trends for 2023 will be? The BBFW is the most important worldwide bridal fashion platform.

Photographs: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week ​

The most important bridal fashion trends that will be in the windows next year 2023 were seen this year, from April 20 to 24. Furthermore, after two years of pandemic, it was determined that the industry had made a strong comeback.

Pronovias, Rosa Clará, Jesús Peiró, Marchesa, Nicole Milano, YolanCris, Isabel Sanchís, Sophie et Voilá, Marylise and Rembo, Marco & Mara, and other well-known brands and designers participated at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. At this event, 34 Spanish and foreign designers showcased their collections. This is how Barcelona maintains its position as the world’s leading bridal fashion capital.

Similarly, for the first time in this 2022 edition, a worldwide catwalk of the Mariage line by the designer team Viktor & Rolf was seen. At Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, a collection that took haute couture from Paris to the wedding dress runway.

The main trend in wedding dresses:

Throughout the four days of the catwalk, the variety of styles was a prominent theme in terms of wedding dresses. The authenticity of the bride is the proposal that the most prominent designers are emphasizing.

As a result, the collections are diverse and fashionable, allowing each bride to choose her dream gown without compromising her individuality. The foregoing has been apparent for a few years, and it is reaffirmed when so many multinational brands exhibit collections that aim to fulfill brides’ preferences.

Inclusion is another big trend. There was no size, silhouette, race or age excluded at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Models of different sizes, of all races and of more mature ages were seen, which allows us to understand that love has no borders or barriers. And that is true internationalization.

Trends in wedding dresses for 2023 from Barcelona:
Here are the five most crucial trends so you know what to expect in the coming year.

1 – Wedding dresses with a plunge or deep neckline: sensuality

Deep or plunging necklines will be fashionable in wedding dresses by 2023, despite the fact that bridal fashion is already moving away from extreme sensuality, in which skin is part of the design.

“V” and heart-shaped necklines will be visible on them. It’s a cut that exposes skin in a seductive but demure fashion, with the breast covered but the core skin of the neckline and portion of the abdomen peeking out to add that daring touch.

2 – Jardines florales: romanticismo nupcial a flor de piel

Beyond just flowers, floral gardens with intertwined leaves and stems will be present in the embroidery, cutwork, appliqués and some hand-painted wedding dresses by 2023.

These embellishments with a more organic and real look, gave a romantic and delicate touch to many designs that were presented during the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and that will make the windows of the wedding dress stores bloom.

3 – Micro glitters: emphasizing the bridal look’s elegance

One of the wedding dress trends for 2023 is embroidered micro-rhinestones. It might be present throughout the dress’s design or only in part to create a unique focal point.

It’s perfect for brides who want to draw attention to a certain part of their body or add a delicate and elegant touch of elegance to it.


4 – Bridal style with an urban edge: a unique touch for the wedding

In bridal dress, the urban chic look is becoming increasingly fashionable. On the catwalks of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, that more relaxed, somewhat effortless aesthetic that can be seen on the prêt-à-porter catwalks and even in street style was also seen in a sophisticated way. Jumpsuits, cut-outs, tiny and midi gowns give the most avant-garde brides searching for a fresh, humorous, and joyful look a sense of urban elegance.


5 - Sleeves and shoulders: the focal point of wedding dresses

The sleeves and shoulders will once again be trends for brides in 2023. During the catwalks of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, different designs were seen with puffed sleeves, bells, shoulders adorned with bows, tulle, embroidery, ruched, and also with shoulder pads that They gave it volume and height.

There were even some surreal sleeves with a structure that visually raised the shoulders to the level of the face. Another trend that continues to be present is detachable sleeves so that brides can achieve variety with a single dress. Sleeves and shoulders will definitely be a focal point for brides next year.

The Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week revealed wedding dress trends for 2023, revealing brides’ evolution to be more authentic and original.


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