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Valmont will purify, detoxify, and prepare your skin for summer! 

Summer is approaching, which brings the increasement of sun exposure, and it is recommended that we use preventive treatments that allow us to oxygenate the skin and promote cell renewal. All of the benefits of the O2 Complex have been concentrated by the Valmont Group into two easy-to-use products with visible results for the face: DetO2x Cream and DetO2x Pack. DetO2x Cream will be an excellent ally if you are looking for a breath of fresh air for your skin. This cream brings light back to the face, promoting cellular oxygenation and detoxifying it from the external agents to which it is constantly exposed. The face is released and appears more relaxed and rested thanks to its stem cells from the Swiss apple that promote cell renewal; the O2 Complex formed by the union of oxygenating substances and active plant ingredients that facilitates the diffusion of oxygen from the skin; and the Triple DNA that stimulates the essential functions. To cleanse and purify the skin, apply the product every morning, after the serum, with light touches, avoiding pressure massage and removing the foam from the cream’s surface.

Use the DetO2X Pack to oxygenate the skin in just 10 minutes. From the first application, this sensory mask, which grows like soap bubbles, detoxifies and frees the skin. This mask, made from the double O2 complex, Swiss cress, and Swiss apple stem cells, eliminates toxins for a deep cleanse while also increasing the longevity of the skin’s stem cells.

The skin is 99 percent less polluted and has a visibly fresher complexion after the first application. The skin is tightened and the features are smoothed. The creamy mask, which comes in single-dose capsules, transforms into an active, effervescent foam that is as much fun as it is refreshing. And it is that, after liberally applying the product to the skin of the face and neck, the mask will foam, and it is recommended to rinse with plenty of water and continue with the daily facial routine after 7-10 minutes. Valmont will purify, detoxify, and prepare your skin for summer!

Price DetO2X Cream: 238€ / 45ml DetO2X Pack: 150€ /10 ml x 6 single doses capsules


Avda. Diagonal, 598, 2ºPlanta 28021, Barcelona
Teléfono: 93 477 42 06


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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