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On this fourth day of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Simone Marulli took the stage, followed by Poesie Sposa

The first brand presented “Chapter #9“, known as the greatest love story of the twentieth century. Following the context of previously told stories, this new chapter is inspired by the Duchess of Windsor, defined by the essence of fashion. All inspirations are transformed into dresses with decisive cuts and sweet silhouettes reminiscent of the 30’s. This collection stands out for its elegance, for precious and meticulous details, often hidden, simple and imperceptible embroideries, light transparencies…

Simone Marulli, inspired by history, took us on a new journey, in a new chapter! All the guests ended the fashion show dreaming and believing that love has a place in each of us!

Already, Poesie Sposa, presented us with its new bridal collection “VITA!”. This one, which is inspired by the metamorphosis of the transformation of the body, sex and gender, excels in multiple shapes and textures that give rise to poetic dresses.

The brand’s stylist defends the different “I” that each individual assumes, and tells us that her poetic inspiration was “ORLANDO”, the longest love letter in history.

This collection has its own objective: that the white of the dress contains all the primary colors, maintaining and reflecting our vision of human beauty. That is to say, all the inspirations and characteristics adopted culminate for us to meet and realize who we really are.

These two programs share a common characteristic: the inspiration of love stories. After seeing brands on stage, we know for sure that we will embark on a thoughtful journey about the power that love has, even in fashion design!


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