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H igar Novias Group presented its new collection: Origen!

Protographs: Barcelona Bridal Wedding Media


To further enrich this, which is the biggest stage of the bridal sector, Higar Novias Group presented its new collection: Origen. This one, which was inspired by the dialogue between haute couture and architecture, was developed from the most emblematic patterns, merging them with pure and modern lines of contemporary architecture.

In this show we were able to enjoy a wide variety of sophisticated designs, which fit into a very particular feminine and contemporary universe. Rich fabrics predominate and harmony was found with semi-transparent silhouettes and bodices. Feathers were also added on fabrics, combined with wide tulle skirts and shiny details. We can say that this collection is a direct reference to the way architecture relates to fashion and design.

Currently, the brand is not only considered one of the leaders in the national bridal fashion industry, but is also moving into the international scene. With more than 40 years of history, this group is distinguished by the values of passion and ambition that they embrace.

Higar Novias joins the latest collection of Manila Madrinas and Manila Novias, inspired by nature and the sweetness of Japan’s cherry blossom fields. A line full of elaborate patterns with meticulous details. The richness of the materials and the subtlety of the lines create this extraordinary collection.

These brands brought us femininity, a certain lightness and freshness and elegance, all of which culminated in a charming fashion show!

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Check the gallery for all of the show's look


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