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BBFW DAY 3: Atelier Pronovias

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Atelier Pronovias walked the catwalkat Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week on the third day of the evenet. Discover the brand’s collection for 2023!

Photographs: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

For 2023, Atelier Pronovias channels the magic of Versailles, the cradle of haute couture. The Versailes Collection unfolds in exquisite gowns inspired by the love of luxury and opulence of the most famous royal court, along with its adulation for feminine beauty.

As a way of honoring the brand’s heritage, the collection includes a selection of gowns inspired by their iconic styles, but with a modern twist.

The dazzling fabrics express the resplendent character of Versailles, updating these features for the modern bride with artistic innovations that include removable sleeves, capes and gowns with separate lace bodices. Handmade beads and embellishments are larger, more artistic and predominate on necklines, bodices and cuffs, while a selection of collars and accessories made especially for collectibles recall precious pieces of jewelry from a royal treasury.

According to Alessandra Rinaudo, artistic director of Pronovias, this unique collection brings extreme aesthetic richness and luxurious French-influenced style to brides who want only the best. “Versailles came to define luxury and beauty, which, in my opinion, fits perfectly with bridal couture. This collection stands out for its attention to detail and penchant for refinement. It is a modern interpretation of one of the most luxurious periods in the history of fashion.”

Discover all the details of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week here. 



See the gallery for all of the show's looks


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