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Yolancris was one of the brands present at this edition of BBFW, having represented its characteristic innovation! 

Photographs: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

The first day of what is the biggest event in the bridal sector also featured the parade of the creations of the haute couture brand from Barcelona, which is already present in 30 countries.

All the collections reflect its vision of the fashion world, from the creation of dresses with the smallest details, such as the neckline, and daring modeling to light and simple dresses. However, all these creations are the culmination of a very original style and can be molded to the personality of each bride.

In this way, the Yolancris brand aims to revolutionize the bridal sector, where every detail of the dress is representative of the personality that wears it, giving rise to the freedom of each one, thus showing the authenticity of the dress and the brand. The brand, creating a link between them. And their latest SHE collection is no exception!

As a fusion of the values of the TOUCH and ORIGINS collection, it gives each creation a more daring and individual look.

All collections developed are the turning point for the designs, always challenging haute couture. They offer unique details molded to the essence of each woman. In addition, all designs are handcrafted, escaping from the traditional ideal of the bride, thus allowing the revolution between the world of weddings and the world of fashion, which is the predominant objective of the brand.

Over the years, the challenges that the brand had to meet with excellence became visible, especially during the pandemic, when it had to reinvent itself and adapt its collections, thus showing the resilience of the brand. Proof of this innovative spirit was one of its lines launched in 2020 during the pandemic, Touch, where it expresses versatile looks, outside the context of the traditional bride through a new approach with richer and more complex designs, capable of adapting to each woman.

Consequently, all these proposed challenges marked the presence of a new era.

Yolancris repeatedly bets on high quality, integrating the details and the personification of each dress designed. These are the values that the brand intends to defend and present in all its designs and throughout its 50 collections. In addition, the brand offers its customers, at its points of sale, a unique and unforgettable experience.


Check the gallery for all of the show's looks


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