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BBFW DAY 2: Sophie et Voilà e Agnieszka Swiatly


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The brands Sophie et Voilà and Agnieszka Swiatly took to the catwalk at the BBFW and presented one hundred exclusive and impressive dresses! 


Sophie et Voilà presented a collection about their philosophy, their way of believing in fashion. Knowing that every dress has a name. One and only one.


As usual in the brand, the architectural lines and the basque culture are mixed to give life to 15 new pieces.


A clean and vigorous print, Sophie et Voilà’s trademark, together with the permanent reference to the land by the hand of its reference designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga, give rise to one of the most complete collections of the brand.


Pedreria, taffetas, butxaques of plastic, fluid silhouettes, transparencies and removable fish form a collection marked by the lleugeresa and the spectacularity.


The brand offers us, therefore, 15 designs that evolve, in the hands, capes or skirts, which breathe the style so characteristic of the firm.



Agnieszka Światły was the second brand to exhibit its collections on the second day of the biggest bridal event on a global scale. As it could not be otherwise, the fashion show revealed some wonderful pieces!


For a bride, “to be noticed” and “to be memorable” are the main priorities. In view of the expectations, the Polish brand Agnieszka Światły stands out when it comes to meeting these criteria, producing surprising, daring, adventurous, beautiful and always distinctive collections.


Quality is assured, style defined and details impeccable. Adding surprise to the mix, the result is a name linked to contemporary courage and a pedigree that is written season after season. On the second day of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the brand presented over 100 dresses, 30 of which had never been seen before, with an extraordinary design, highlighted in lace, tulle, chiffon and richly broderie beads.


They highlight the tall hemline to accentuate the forms, a sensual transparency that runs through the entire collection under flowing skirts, dresses with narrow trousers topped with skirts with lace at the waist, scalloped flower petals and tattooed-effect garments. There are also dresses that offer two different looks, with the option of adding puffy mauves or a formal dress, where even the simple fishes have a special character.


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