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BBFW DAY 2: Olga Macià, Mireia Balaguer & Andrea Lalanza


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T he opening of the second day of session shows of the BBFW counted with the presence of three revolutionary brands: Olga Macià, Mireia Balanguer and Andrea Lalanza

Photographs: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


Presented by one of the leading designers in the sector, Olga Macià is not only known for its bridal items, but also for its personalized festive items.


In the development of her company, many designers have inspired her for the growth of the brand, such as Elsa Schiaparelli, known as “the surrealist designer”, thanks to her superimposed fishes. In this way, Olga Macià is guided by surrealist lines, using the concept all in one, with the aim of creating a woman with a complete and sophisticated look, thus giving personality to each piece.


At the BBFW fashion show, the “As de Cors” collection was presented, characterized by transmitting confidence and elegance to the women, details that were felt very much during the fashion show.


“As de Cors” aims to convey love, which, in fact, is one of the key criteria used by the girls when choosing. Thus, the collection presents a bride of pure soul and open heart. The dresses are characterized by fabrics with fantasy textures, flowers, transparencies, shimmering colors and impactful stripes, the most focused tones are pastis, white cornered, bright and cheerful colors.


Mireia Balaguer is designed to be a young, delicate and innovative brand, which conveys a pure air, without ever forgetting the ostentation of romanticism that highlights the beauty of the woman for an exceptional date. All their dresses have personality, being made to measure, cared for and worked down to the smallest detail. The creations start from a good pattern base with a selection of fabrics, fabrics, transparencies that occupy the center of attention next to the fullness of its unique brocade.


The brand gives life to each piece of jewelry and captures the personality of each client, creating an exclusive dress made for each bride.


The collection on display is inspired by muses who in their day were not recognized, undervalued women with a history that did not do them justice. Women who are recognized for being women, but not for their successes, not for having discovered the vaccine against syphilis, like Margaret Ann, who had to pass herself off as a man to get it, or Milena, author of half of Einstein’s theories that no one remembers. All the women who did not have the opportunity to be recognized and who hid behind men were honored today.


Andrea Lalanza, is characterized by its exclusive bridal gowns, made to measure and with the best noble fabrics, detailed and differentiated. Andrea Lalanza accepts new ideas and opinions from the brides, which makes the dress more and more unique and personal, leaving her professional touch, created with her unique imagination, creating an exclusive piece for the best satisfaction of the bride.


Ballerina, the express collection, is like a poem to classical dance, a tribute to ballet; an art intertwined among women. With a very current inspiration and an invitation to a young and sensitive girl, who bets on the value of details, quality and design. The good taste and elegance are two materials that triumph in each piece, with relaxed dimensions and silhouettes with great distinction to elements that make the fish remain light, strong and romantic. With delicate tones, reflected in silk capes and mànigues, in two fishes and tulle skirts, that make this collection the most special one.


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