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Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group presented its new collection 2023 in Barcelona at the Bridal Fashion Week 

This year’s theme, an edition that celebrates the close bond that the brand shares. Using exclusive European materials and sustainable fabrics, MRFG is a pioneer in the Boho bridal scene, establishing a solid image under the standards of innovation, heritage, creativity and excellence.


Each garment is designed in Belgium and manufactured with special attention to our own workshop in Portugal, an approach to each step of the process that allows it to be flexible with its customers.


Each MRFG garment offers luxury, unparalleled comfort and a light touch. Carta Blanca is a new addition. Founded in 2020, it means “carte blanche”, a French expression that describes unlimited freedom without restrictions.


Carta Branca dresses are pure silk fish made without any other fabric or lace. The brand presents an exclusive Essence Collection by Claudia Llagostera and Géraldine Simonnet, with a different creative direction that maintains the brand’s minimalist approach. This one, still produces a great line of luxurious bridal gowns, not only for fashion, handmade with the greatest detail of silk.


The beauty of simplicity describes the authentic Marylise nuptials. For this reason, the brand designs all the dresses so that the brides feel beautiful, safe and unique, creating perfectly tailored dresses, made in refined lace and noble fabrics in their own atelier. The 2023 Collection is full of seduction, full of glamour, stitches and voluminous shapes reminiscent of a golden age. The perfect balance between safe and refreshing designs, with more fitted lines and attractive short dresses to make the bride feel unique.


Rembo Styling implements the boho DNA, a clean atmosphere and an effortless format. A collection made with the most daring firms of the brand, with uncovered skirt, impeccable sleeves, attenuated volume and all those unobjectionable and exceptional details that make a dress so special and glamorous. The brand now has a new Xile bridal fashion stylist for the new season. Paula Matthei creates magnificent pieces with a purely conscious mentality. The brand remembers the boho DNA and bets for a collection of casual dresses, very folgat, very purses and very faithful to its character.




All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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