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Jesus Peiro – Merche Segarra

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We spoke to some of the most relevant bridal designers about their values and the future. In this case, with Merche Segarra from the incredible wedding firm, Jesus Peiro.

-Which are the preferences of brides when choosing a dress?

I think that in addition to the esthetic part, they value the quality of the dress, its comfort and its suitability for the environment in which the event will be held.


-Which are the values with which the brand is represented?

The value of quality, sustainability, specialization and an original design that distinguishes the firm.


-What differentiates Jesus Peiro from the rest?

Its values. A constant and real commitment to quality, the classic-renewed design that characterizes it and a careful service that brings us closer to the bride.


-How do you think the sector will evolve after this turning point?

I think it is very unpredictable, although the development of digitization will probably be greater, this is an eminently analog sector, as we know it now.


-Could this be the time to mark a new stage in the bridal world?

Without a doubt, this moment is so extraordinary that it is the most appropriate to crystallize and give visibility to new approaches. Although I think they will still coexist with the current formats.


Visit Jesus Peiro‘s website to see their beautiful collections.


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