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Day 3 – Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2020


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day 3

The third day of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, a must for the brides to be, started today and for the first time in history is available to everyone and is just one click away from the runway. 

Isabel Sanchís

The first firm to open today’s show is Isabel Sanchís, a Spanish brand with presence in more than 40 countries, to present the summer/spring 2021 collection with designs that seek to enhance femininity using elements such as feathers, artisan embroidery and flowers, which have become a distinctive element of the firm. 


The second brand to walk down the catwalk is Valentini, an Italian firm designed by Graziana Valentini, presents the 2021 collection composed of fifteen dresses with modern necklines, particular sleeves, laces and custom fabrics. In fact, faithful to the trend, the new collection bets on handmade dresses with Swarovski crystals and stones. 



Yolancris, a Spanish brand with a family tradition with a presence in more than 30 countries, presents today a more revolutionary collection that seeks to escape from the traditional concept. The new collection named “Touch” was born during the confinement when there was the need to feel and embrace our loved ones. The designs, small capsules inspired by the subtle beauty of woman with a feminine and varied silhouettes, seek the union between traditional sewing and artisanal with the uncertain time we are having to live. 

Yumi Katsura

From the United States, the firm Yumi Katsura, created by the designer of Japanese origin whose name the brand bears, presents the collection “Ravishing and Resilient” inspired by human resistance during these unprecedented times. The brand describes this human resistance as the ability of a rubber band to return to its original shape after being stretches. The designs are made up of feminine and modern shilhouettes created with materials to favor all body shapes and with ornaments and Japanese symbols traditionally used to bless the marriage.

th ornaments and Japanese symbols traditionally used to bless the marriage.


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