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Day 2 – Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


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day 2

The second day of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week catwalks are now available on the website for everyone to watch. All you have to do is press “play” and you’ll have access to the spring collections of 2021. 


The first brand to walk the catwalk is Cymbeline, a leading French company in the bridal industry around Europe, they present the Hauture Couture 2021 collection. This collection consists of several capsule collections that enable the bride to have a «limited edition» on their special day. Patrice Dutartre, an associate professor at the School of the Union Chamber of Sewing in Paris and also has been working for the firm more than ten years, is in charge of supervising and designing the collection.

Marylise and Rembo Styling

From Belgium, Marylise and Rembo Styling presents a total of three collections: Rembo, Marylise and Carta Branca. Each of them in a unique style for a bride, who knows exactly what she wants. The Rembo’s collection called “Earth Hero”, for the first time, presents sustainable designs, produced locally and made out of responsible materials, including bamboo or recycled polyester. Marylise’s collection “Shades of Wonders” is made up of dresses with pure lines, fitted silhouettes or refined lace, but the big surprise this year is the launch of the Premium Carta Branca collection with totally timeless designs and more traditional finishes. For example, within this collection we can find both a bodice dress and a matte silk and satin silk tuxedo.

Poesia Sposa

The Italian firm Poesie Sposa, founded by Isabella Taglieferri, presents a collection inspired by Shakespeare’s poetry with the intention of overcoming changes and transmitting a value of eternity. For this, the brand is committed to shaping the fabrics from more classical elements to turn them into new designs.

Léonie Bridal

Léonie Bridal, a brand from Israel that combines different styles and a special passion for details – renowned for hand-made ornaments – presents its new collection for 2021. The new designs were designed by Maria Grigorianz and inspired by nature: the architecture of the wing of a dragonfly, a plant that breaksthrough the pavement, etc.


The last brand to walk the catwalk is Demetrios, designed by Demetrios James Elias with more than 40 years of experience in the industry and a presence in more than 80 countries. The brand shows the new collection of dresses with flared silhouettes, modern necklines and open backs, designs completely inspired by diversity.


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