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Montse Ruíz, sales manager for Atlántida Travel, reveals the best destinations for 2020.


Atlántida Travel offers luxury trips, how would you define such a subjective topic?

  • For us it’s dealing in experiences, it has nothing to do with material goods. Luxury is enjoying an eclipse, an animal migration from a lodge lost in the sabana… Obviously, it has a cost, although we could say it is relative, after all, can you put a price on happiness?


You could say you are an unconventional travel agency, not only because of the product, but how you offer it too. You define yourselves as a consultancy.

  • Quite so, because in Atlántida Travel we design exclusive trips. We mold to the wishes and budget of every client, and that is why the first meeting is so important to us. Having the person who will travel before us gives a wealth of information their words cannot.


What is the process for choosing such exclusive providers?

  • We travel and attend international fairs frequented by the sector’s best. That gives us an edge on discovering novelties and getting to the destinations we later offer. We now have people in Myanmar, Kenya… We have a well-rounded team.


Being a part of Virtuoso, exclusive American luxury trip network, gives you access to privileged information. Could you reveal the best destinations for 2020?

  • Any African area: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Ken- ya… And of course, especially for honeymoons, the Maldives will still be prominent on every traveler’s wishlist.


Now that you mention honeymoons, what advice would you give couples planning their weddings?

  • I would recommend not leaving the honeymoon for last, because it will be a unique experience. Make preparations with time, not only will it help financially but allow them to invest all that energy and excitement it deserves, which seeps away into other preparations as the months go on.


Before finishing up, would you unveil the secret for Atlántida Travel staying at the top after almost 20 years?

  • We really like what we do and try to do it well. Professionalism, experience and personalizing trips is the key, but above all, offering what we know. Our clients give us their trust, and we cannot break it, after all we don’t sell anything tangible, we sell dreams.


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