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Diversity, integration and sustainability are the key words for the upcoming Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (VBBFW)the paramount event in the nuptial sector where you can not only find new style trends but also discover how fashion can become a pillar for social transformation.

In the words of their director Estermaria Laruccia, this edition will be “committed to people, the environment and evermore open to the world”.

All this can be appreciated in the ground-breaking image of their new campaign, For a different world, reflecting the union of different ages, cultures and traits on a stage set over a surprising background: the sculptor’s labyrinth home by Xavier Corberó. An architectural space gathering beauty in its many shapes and forms.

From the 20th to the 26th of April 2020 celebrate the 30th edition alongside the VBBFW team, an event which will unveil the bridal and party collections setting the trend for 2021. A reference point for the sector at large thanks to the participation of renowned firms within the bridal universe, on the catwalk as well as at the Professional Trade Fair, proclaiming their bet on art, creativity, design and beauty as integral values that inspire fashion and drive its power for transformation.


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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